The 'Rasa Lila' Eco Malas (two options)
The 'Rasa Lila' Eco Malas (two options) The 'Rasa Lila' Eco Malas (two options)

Rasa Lila is the Sanskrit phrase for the divine dance of love.  I wanted these pieces to embody the playful spirit that resides in all of us, the part that connects us with all and everything. Love as all and everything and our connection to the divine.  ’The Rasa-Lila Dance is probably the most renown and simultaneously esoteric “divine play” from the life and story of Krishna, a form of God popular throughout India. Within the play Krishna lures the cowherd damsels, the gopis, to Him by His all-attractive nature and enchanting flute. Each gopi is secretly madly in love with Krishna although they have other things to attend to and are married to other men, including Radha, Krishna’s beloved counterpart. The gopis and Radha are madly in love with Krishna because Krishna is not an ordinary person, He is God, Beauty and Love incarnate. The gopis love of Krishna are pure-hearted and innocent and they love to serve and attend to Him and Radha in a spirit of devotion. Thus the gopis in the life of Krishna represent the highest potential for any individual soul, and the Rasa-Lila Dance is the most sacred and beautiful “act” any individual soul can experience. The Rasa-Lila Dance inevitably becomes a representation of the soul’s eternal longing: the intimate personal relationship with God.’

£5 from the sale of this mala will go to the Teen Yoga Foundation.  TYF work tirelessly to promote the health and well-being of young people through research, events such as the Instill conference and training yoga teachers with the tools they need to teach in secondary school and youth provisions.  Please go to their website to find out more about their incredible work.


A little about your Mala

Linen (flax) knotting cord:  The knotting cord I’ve used in this piece is made entirely from sustainably-sourced flax.  I’ve used a traditional knotting technique on this piece to ensure that the knots are strong and sturdy enough for your meditation practice.

rPET Tassel:  The tassel is made entirely from rPET, a fabric created entirely from recycled plastic bottles.  It brings me so much joy use this material, knowing that something seemingly ‘useless’ can be turned into something beautiful, and that thousands of bottles are taken out of the ecosystem and literally re-cycled into a new one.  We can find the sacred in the every day, creating beauty where there may previously have been none.

Skateboard guru bead:  Made by James and Stacey at SESHNOTSTIGMA, these beads are hand-crafted from, you guessed it, recycled skateboards in Yorkshire, UK!  Each of their designs is created with the same passion and energy that each original skateboard was created and destroyed with. Their Etsy shop is bursting with the most unique and awesome mini pieces of art, that are a symbol of strength, endurance, solidarity and honour for all who are blessed to own a piece. ‘We want each person who wears SESH to reflect upon their own battles, however big or small these may seem to others. They need to look back to the place when they were perhaps at their weakest and remember how this time gave them the strength they possess today.’  So inspiring!

Banana Leaf Beads: Made by the wonderful Mzuribeads, these are the epitome of green.  These natural little oval beads are rolled from actual dried banana leaves. Weaved and varnished for a smooth and professional finish.  Mzuribeads is one of the many inspirational projects moving away from charitable aid, and onto the concept of business enterprise for sustainable income and development. Mzuri are Uganda’s first and leading ethical loose bead company. The cooperative of women live in the village of Ndejje, Uganda.   It is here that the four Ugandan women who founded the company, also live and lead the organisation.  

Recycled paper beads:   Hand rolled from strips of recycled paper in the village of Ndejje, Uganda by women’s cooperative, Mzuribeads. Lightweight and coated with varnish for a water resistant and glossy finish.  Colours of the beads are all dependent on the specific paper collected.  (See above for more information on Mzuribeads)

Yin yang bean beads: Harvested in Mexico, the distinctive black and white pattern emblazoned on the dried bean is a remarkable, three-dimensional depiction of the familiar Chinese symbol meaning universal balance and harmony.  All profits from the sale of these are donated by my supplier to ‘Niños de Papel’, a not-for-profit organisation providing hope and a bright future to children, adolescents and their families in Colombia, as well as contributing to ‘a program that reduce CO2 emissions by participation in environmental protection projects and renewable energies production. By this program we reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain.’