The 'Cosmic Unicorn' Mala
The 'Cosmic Unicorn' Mala The 'Cosmic Unicorn' Mala The 'Cosmic Unicorn' Mala
This 6mm mala is dedicated to living in your true strength and power; to finding a flow in all that you do, and a presence that aids you through even the most challenging of times.

Made with Amazonite for energetic protection and balance, peaceful Howlite to aid meditation, Moonstone to help you to step into your true, divine essence, lavender Amethyst to raise the vibration of your etheric body as well as your words and self-talk, Rhodochrosite for the kind of love that empowers you every day and Rose Quartz for unconditional love, compassion and self-love. The lotus flower guru is a reminder to you to honour every day as it comes and every part of your being. The lotus flower rises from the mud to reach for the light, a beautiful metaphor for our own journey in this life.

If you look very closely, the thread colour is asymmetric - one half has been knotted with a light pink cord, the other with lilac