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Fifty-Four Breaths to Calm: Using a Half Mala
Tuning into your breath is the easiest and most accessible way to begin a meditation practice, and it need be no more complex than that. Beginning the day by just taking some time to breathe in silence and with your full presence not only brings you into the world in a gentle way that won’t shock your entire system into its waking state, it gives you an opportunity to create a balance that can be carried into the rest of your day. 

Using a half mala (worn here by Miriam) is one way of creating this practice when you are just beginning, or struggle to get up with enough time do a full 30-minute practice, or just need some space in the middle of your day. 

Made from Sandalwood beads leftover from my full mala designs (because why would I waste them? 😉) as well as a scattering of stones to enhance your intentions, these half malas contain 54 beads and are perfect for tuning into your own breath when you need to. Just a simple pranayama exercise of an inhalation for the count of four, exhalation for the count of eight can reset things completely. It takes around fifteen minutes and is such a wonderful practice if you’re starting to think about how you can incorporate your practice into your daily life.

My half mala designs have just gone up in the main shop and I'm really excited about the idea of you having some 'mindfulness-on-the-go'!  This collection will be expanding so pop here to see the most recent designs <3

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